Tyler Tanner & Ethan Tate Encounter 3

Ethan swings gently in his sling, waiting patiently for his dom twink, Tyler, to return. His mouth is gagged with tape and his hands and feet are boun...d, but his desire to run is totally overwhelmed by his excitement about what’s to come. Tyler has proven to be a very sensual top, giving him more pleasure than he would have ever thought to ask for. And when he re-enters his dungeon, Ethan is breathless to feel his touch and kiss again. Tyler sees Ethan and is instantly hard. He knew Ethan would make a perfect captive submissive! And he’s ready to back inside his guts! Tyler eats Ethan’s hole, fingering it and praising it for being a perfect gift for his cock. Ethan still struggles to see himself as just a toy for his master’s joy, but as soon as Tyler gets back inside, all his questions are silenced beneath the sounds of his muffled moans! Ethan’s cock is rock hard as Tyler pounds away, tempting the dom top to grab it and stroke it as he moves harder inside. Ethan’s mouth stays covered, but Tyler can see in his eyes that his bottom is in ecstasy! [Read more]

Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton Encounter 1

Tyler can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and h...is eyes wide with nerves. Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his bottom boys in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his little puppet. Chris feels Tyler’s hands move freely over his body, unburdened by clothing or even the need for invitation. He can touch his chest, his ass, even rim his exposed hole without Chris ever having to say a word or move. Chris feels the warm, wet tongue of his captor move over his most sensitive spot, making him undeniably aroused, all while his heart beats furiously in his chest, drowning out the moans he’s making in response. When Tyler asks “do you like that,” Chris can’t bring himself to lie and say no. It feels amazing. Absolutely incredible! And deep down, he wants more. Being tied and chained has freed him from having to reveal his true feelings. He doesn’t have to admit to being a hungry slut. Tyler can make him one just fine on his own… [Read more]

Tyler Tanner & Ryan Aubert Encounter 1

Ryan jockeyed back and forth, trying to get loose from his restraints. But it soon became clear that there was no quick or easy way out. The leather s...traps on his wrists and ankles kept him exactly where Tyler wanted him. Tyler bent down to remove Ryan’s mouth gag, only to fill it up with his throbbing cock right after. Ryan could barely hear the sound of his moans unfettered before it was full of Tyler’s meat, pushing to the back of his throat and making him choke. Ryan knew he needed to make Tyler happy. It was the only sure way he was going to get out of his restraints. So instead of fighting, he worked with his master’s tool, feeling it invade his mouth and penetrate his throat. Before long, Ryan was so focused on sucking and servicing his master, he barely remembered he was even bound! All his attention was on his tongue and his mouth and that way it wrapped around Tyler’s shaft. He could tell by Tyler’s rigidity and moaning that it was working, and that gave Ryan an unexpected point of pride. He didn’t know why, but he was finding himself becoming more and more consumed with pleasing Tyler. He wanted to win him over. Impress him, even! And Tyler, of course, would have it no other way! [Read more]

Tyler Tanner & Ethan Tate Encounter 2

Ethan’s back for more. Tyler has him tied with his hands up, pits exposed, and a smooth, athletic frame ready for play. Ethan’s mouth remains t...aped, ensuring that Tyler can only hear his own words of adoration for the bound twink. Ethan’s instincts still tell him to pull back as Tyler touches him, but once they lock lips, he’s incapable of fighting his newfound appreciation for the selfish top. As Tyler bends down and rims Ethan’s ass, the bound boy can be seen arching his back, as if trying to give more of himself to his captor. Ethan doesn’t know what’s happening to him. Even while being suspended and teased, he’s happier with Tyler by him than when he’s away. He’s even found to look forward to the taste of Tyler in his mouth. Tyler’s aware. And instead of fucking his mouth, Tyler satisfies his urges by sucking his bound boy’s cock, devouring his hole, and proceeding to breed his ass without ever giving him that satisfaction. He has to leave him wanting more. After all, that’s how to keep him truly captive. [Read more]

Tyler Tanner & Zayne Bright Encounter 1

Zayne is no stranger to being tied up now and again. He’s had some fun with boyfriends in the past. Even the rare hookup from a stranger online. He...s never questioned what could happen when he lets go of his freedom and gives up control. But then again, he’d never met Tyler before. Tyler was not unlike many others he’d met up with before. Handsome, charming, a bit cocky, and playfully aggressive in a way that pushed Zayne to want to say yes. As soon as they got back into Tyler’s playroom, Zayne started to get an intuitive feeling of cold-feet. He wanted to back out, but before he could say anything, he was already on all fours on a fuck bench, hands and feet restrained and mouth gagged! Tyler returned, looking as handsome as ever in his harness, big-swinging dick between his legs and the look of a lion approaching a gazelle. Tyler knows he’s going to have fun pushing Zayne past his comfort zone… and bringing him to a place of ultimate joy. Zayne takes to Tyler’s tongue well, calming his nerves and soothing his doubts with every lap of the dominant boy. Zayne’s fears begin to subside, turning unexpectedly to feelings of hunger. As Tyler fingers his hole, Zayne moans with delight, wishing he could beg for more. But with the gag firmly in his mouth, all he can do is moan through the tape. And regardless of what he does, Tyler is going to take what’s his. [Read more]

A young, lean, smooth twink might not seem very intimidating at first. But once you get caught in their web, things look a bit different. Especially if that web is in a dark dungeon. Your brain goes to a special place where you have to choose: fight or flight. But inevitably, the sensation of the ropes on your flesh and the hand on your cock leads you down a new path. On BoundTwinks, fresh-faced bottoms find themselves living out their darkest fantasies, only to find purpose and pleasure in their captivity, coming to crave their submission and beg for their master’s cock. See what happens when the twinks are in charge.